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Jelsa by DIWINE-WARO on Deviantart

Jelsa by BLUESTORM369 on Deviantart

Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it

No problem ;)

Hi sorry to bother you but could you please tag your jelsa posts just as jelsa. A lot of ppl in both fandoms don't like it when their tags get congested with crossover ships Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your posts! Just please try to keep ships in the ship tags so then the fandoms aren't so overcrowded with ships Please and thank you :)

Sure thing! I actually have this app on my tablet that tags my posts automatically, so I’m gonna remove it and start tag them manually just as jelsa :) Thank you for your advice!

By the way…

If you know any good artist or some nice fanart that you’d like to share with everyone just hit me up or submit it here!

i just hit another hundred yay thanks!!!