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I apologize if it’s different from what you expected… Okay so, she’s playing with his hair and then Jack just decided to kiss her cheek;;

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IT’S DONNNEEEEEEE itookforeveromgggg


Disclaimer: The characters of Frozen and Rise of the Guardians belong to their respective owners. I only own this fanart YEAYUHHH! :D

Guys, from now on and due to obvious reasons, I will only accept submissions if they are sourced.


J a c k  &  E l s a

Anonymous whispered: Seriously?? You're uploading drawings with the caption "unknown artist" that were published on the Jelsa tag ONLY A WHILE AGO. Don't repost stuff, look it up on there and/or learn how to find the source. It's insulting for the artists!! They make and show their art and you're able to enjoy it for free so at least make the effort to give give credit and source the images. Jelsa shippers are better than this. Don't make us look bad Nicole.

Well hello there! As it says on my FAQ, I try my best to find the sources to all of the fanart I post. I also post things people reccomend and send to my Twitter and email, and as I also said before, in case you know the source of some fanart I posted, you’re absolutely welcome to tell me and I’ll fix it. I’m sorry if the drawings were posted ‘a while ago’ one the tag but I haven’t noticed it cause I don’t search the tag every day. I try to google search every fanart I post but unfortunately sometimes all I get are the (annoying) weheartit results and I end up not finding the artist. Therefore, I source it as ‘unknown artist’ and most of my followers know THEY CAN AND SHOULD tell me the artist if they know it (and I’m repeating myself oops). Soooo, I apologize and I want you to know that the last thing I want to seem is disrespectful. If you know any of the artists, please tell me and I’ll add them. I just want it to be clear that I try my best to please everyone and the lack of sources ain’t just due to laziness or something. ALSO IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO REMOVE ANY POST DUE TO ANY REASON, PLEASE INBOX ME. xx

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queen elsa and her flawless hair


Fially done phew, sorry I gave hr super huge eyes ;w;”’

and dropped in my old jack frost fan art cus it’s Valentine’s day soon and they r a popular pairing XD

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thnx guys <3


Jelsa by ANDIREE on Deviantart

Jelsa by GUY-WHO-DOES-ART on Deviantart